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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Energy Healingヒーリング

Free Energetic Emotion Healing Sessions.

Posted on March 22, 2012
Hello my friends around the world!

I'm so Fricken EXCITED!!!

Not because the freezing cold winter is almost over, not because I'm on song 8 of my new CD, and I hope to finally be finished with it by my 3rd annual, summer, all-japan music tour this summer, not because I'm going to be a dad on about July 13th (my mother's birthday) and not because spring will finally be coming to freezing cold Niigata, Japan (though I am exited about all those things too)!

No; I'm exicited because after having a bad back since 1999, after having runny nose problems and then polyps in my nasal cavity for most of my life and not being able to smell anything for many years, after having gas problems (not in the gas tank of my car) and acid reflux and problems swallowing, I've finally learned how to heal myself!!

Yes, that's right: I'VE LEARNED TO HEEL MYSELF.

After going to many back doctors, chiropractors, accupunturists, Kikou (Qi Gung) energy therapist, reiki massage therapist, doing yoga and chanting hundreds of hours of Nam myo-ho ren-ge kyo, I was still not able to find anything that healed my back.

After going to ear, nose and throat doctors, taking all kinds of poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, and toxic steroid sprays up my nose, and after going to herbalogists, and taking Sinus Wars homeopathic medicines, I still wasn't able to smell for the last at least 20 years or have my nose stop running.

After trying everything: to changing my diet, including being vegetarian, then vegan, taking all kinds of enzymes and pro-biotic formulas, I was not able to stop blowing my friends and family away with the large explosions that came from my back side.

BUT, just after about 3 months now of studying and practicing the Emotion Cody Healing System and The Body Code Healing System, discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson (a Chiropractor and Craniopath, who had a practice for 17 years in my hometown of Orange County, California) I have FINALLY been able to see major changes in all these areas, which I previously had problems with.

The Emotion Code is a book that Dr. Bradley wrote that helped me learn how to get rid of a bunch of trapped emotions from my body that have been bothering all areas of my body for many years.

Then I started learning his more advance program called the Body Code, where you can learn how to balance acupuncture meridians and chakras, correct structural imbalances to bones, nerves, muscles, tissues, organs and glands, get radiation, toxic chemicals, molds, parasites, free radicals and heavy metals out of your body, and release post traumatic energies and physical assaults from your body and correct nutritional deficiencies, and a whole lot more.

The greatest thing about this program is, once you learn to heal yourself, you can easily start healing anyone else too. And because it is energetic healing and we are all energy (as quantum mechanics has been telling us for many years "E=MC Squared") and we are all connected at our deepest psychological/spiritual level (as Dr. Carl Jung told us many years ago and as Buddhism has been teaching for thousands of years), we can heal anyone at any distance, with this amazing energetic healing program.

So after I started seeing this work on myself, I started working on my wife, because we lost our first baby after 4 months of pregnancy last summer, because my wife's "morning" sickness (which was 24-hours a day, morning my ass) was so intense and my wife had been in bed for at least the first 5 months of pregnancy with just as bad "morning" sickness this time. So I've tried the healing on her and each time she feels a little better for a couple days. She is almost completely well now, and every time she starts feeling a little morning sickness, I can take it away in almost minutes with just one short session of energy healing.

After trying it on my wife at a distance (because she's staying at her mothers house and I work on her from my house 30 minutes away), I thought I would try it on friends and family member who lived in other parts of Japan and in other countries and for many of them, they have seen many changes. And now I've used it on people all around the world, who have all experience tremendous results with my healing session (at a distance). I have worked now with people with so many different diseases I don't even care to try to pronounce. With the Emotion Code and the Body Code, I am learning as Dr. Bradley has now been proving for years and any disease, even cancer is just a symptom of an overall imbalance in the body and with the Emotion Code and the Body Code we can quickly find and correct any imbalance in the body and each person's body then has an amazing ability to heal what ever problems (disease, cancer, pain, discomforts or otherwise) it is manifesting.

But even more amazing these healing method can be used for anything else, not only sickness, it works against problems people have creating relationship, accumulating financial success, not having enough motivation, overcoming addictions and and any other problem a person can have.

ON TOP OF THAT. This healing method can be used on any animals. I have now worked on people's cat and dog all with great results.

The great thing (for my friends and family) is, as I'm working toward my certification, I CAN'T CHARGE ANYONE FOR MY HEALING SERVICES (YET)!!


I want to thank all of my friends around the world who have given me moral support, while I work on my latest CD, that has now (due to lack of funds) taken me over 2 year to get part way through with, and all the people who have read my writings on my websites and who have listened to my podcasts, and have voted on my songs in song contests and have watched my many videos and have sent me messages of love and encouragement ("but your love won't pay my bills" - Beatles)

BUT NOW!!! I need your financial support. YES: I NEED SOME MONEY!!!

So I'm going to give some FREE SESSIONS of both Body Code Healing and Emotion Code Healing to my top supporters (who put their money where there mouths and typing fingers are).

YES, you can go onto Dr. Bradley's website and you can pay one of his certified practitioners $97.00 to do a 20-minute Emotion Code/Body Code Healing Session, which I did once for my wife, when I was still learning, which did help her (but since I am now able to do it myself with the same results) or you can let me do it FOR FREE!!

Or you could buy Dr. Bradley's Kindle edition Emotion Code book for $19 (like I did) or buy the paperback for about $5.00 (and spend over $15 shipping and handling if you don't live in the US) and you can practice like I did for a few months and chant your ass off to perfect the muscle testing (which is the most difficult part) as fast as I did and do it yourself OR you can let me do it on you FOR FREE!!

Or you can sign up on Dr. Bradley's website and watch the videos (half of which don't open) for $25.00/month (about one new video each month, but many times the website won't let you sign in) or buy the Body Code Manual and mind mapping program for $1,000 and learn to do Body Code healing yourself, like I have Or LET ME DO IT ON YOU FOR FREE!!

So I'm going to give away a FREE Emotion Code Healing Session (it will take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes if you want me to do it with you on skype or I can do it by myself and I can email you the audio of my session with you), where you'll be able to release anywhere from 8 to 20 emotions (depending on what your body allows), to anyone who downloads my first seven songs on my CD (a $97.00 value AS A FREE GIFT for just $7.00 of download fees for my 7 great new songs, of course there is an option on the website where you can pay a larger amount if you want to make a donation to financing my new CD, which has cost me over $300.00 to produce each song).

OR I will give a FREE Body Code Healing Session (which includes a free Emotion Code Healing Sesion with it, but includes much, much more) if you download the 7 songs above AND you purchase my previous CD, "Acts of Sedition: Classified CIA Files." (A $197.00 value FOR FREE with just a about $22 to purchase my two CDs).
OR I will give a FREE Body Code Healing Session (which includes a free Emotion Code Healing Session with it, but includes much, much more) if you do EITHER:

1. Download the 7 songs above AND purchase one of my two books, Ebook or paperback (my novel, "Myth Shattering" or my "Collected Writings From Soka University")" (A $197.00 value FOR FREE with just the purchase of my 7 songs and the purchase of one of my books – all of which I just put on sale).

2. Purchase my previous CD (Acts of Sedition) and purchase any one of my books.(A $197.00 value FOR FREE with just the purchase of previous CD and the purchase of one of my books).


3. Purchase 4 of my new songs and purchase BOTH of my books above (Paperback or Ebook, I get paid the same for either).

Now for those of you who are internet impaired and you can't figure out how to use websites to purchase things online or you don't have a credit card to do so, I am now allowing people to make a donation to my “Soka University of America Student Loan Relief Fund” and I will do a free healing on you if you donate at least $50.00 to that fund (so I can finally finish paying off my loans to Soka University after 11 years since graduating), made payable to Soka University of America (I'll give you the correct address to send checks to and my account number you need to put on the checks payable to SUA).

I look forward to healing you and/or your family or friends! AND PETS!! And I'm sure you will love my songs and my books, SO ENJOY!!

Love, Tim Janakos
PS: If you purchased one of my songs, CDs or Books over the last year, DON'T WORRY, I will also include that purchase in this offer!!!