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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Energy Healingヒーリング

Running a Summer Special: 3 sessions for the price of 2 or 5 sessions for the price of 3!

Posted on July 9, 2018
Tim Janakos's regular rate for Energy Healing (With Body Code, Emotion Code, 3 Dimentional Therapy, Access Consciouness, Quantum Touch 2.0 and/or Lloyd Mear's Energy Frequencies, all added in for one price, depending on what your body recommends) via phone or skype is just $99.00 US for 30 minutes (which is $138.00 less for similar services at

However, Tim offers an even lower rate for proxy sessions!! For just $59.00 US you can get a 20-minute proxy session, which means Tim will do the session on his own time (in most cases while you are sleeping) and send you an MP3 of the session by email (although Tim won't talk to you on the phone or skype during this discounted session, he or his representatives will be happy to answer any email questions about the sessions at any time or you can talk to Tim directly on facebook or his twice-a-week call-in radio show).

Now, as if those rates weren't amazing enough, Tim is doing a Summer special for 2018 giving you a free session if you pre-order 2 sessions, or 2 FREE SESSIONS if you pre-order 3 sessions. How does it get even better than that? This special is for both Proxy and Skype Sessions

This is what a few people are saying about Tim's incredible healing sessions. For more listen to his show or watch highlights to his show on youtube.
"Before deciding to try Emotion Code, 'Energy Medicine' with Tim, I used to have unbearably painful and exhausting menstrual cycles with heavy clotting and bleeding that would knock me out for at least 2 days each month. I had previously been on desiccated thyroid as a more natural approach for hypothyroid treatment. That treatment had originally alleviated the painful symptoms, but after almost 4 years on the medication, it was creating other hormonal imbalances and severe cystic acne, so I decided that I needed to get to the root cause of my hypothyroid. I had a friend who referred me to Tim who had some similar issues and was seeing positive results with his treatments, so I thought I would give it a try. Four months after stopping the thyroid medication, the extremely painful periods were back full force. After a few sessions with Tim, I was feeling slightly more energetic and had a more positive outlook, but I felt like I really needed some concrete evidence that this was going to be the best treatment for me. I needed some physical evidence or change. I never adjusted anything else in my life and after my 7th session with Tim, my monthly friend came around and I was in Shock! NOT ONE PAINFUL CRAMP and my cycle was a lot lighter!!!!!!! I kept waiting for the pain to creep up on me and….NOTHING! My husband, the skeptic, who had seen me go through this prior to us getting pregnant and before the thyroid medication, was even convinced at that point. I’m AMAZED and VERY THANKFUL to have found Tim and that I decided to go this route. We are still doing treatments and getting better every day and he even works on my 3.5 year old son and husband at the same time! I can definitely see a difference in both of them. I highly recommend him!"

Jillian K.

From Charles Young on his Facebook page:

Just wanted to send a shout out to Tim Janakos-Kobayashi! It's the least I can do for all he has done for me! I call into his show on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and sometimes at 7am on Sunday mornings, Pacific standard time.

I called in yesterday and I asked that he address a broken collarbone I got when I was 16. This injury did not heal properly and caused much of my body to misalign. He released a number of emotions of helplessness and grief. These negative emotions were quite relevant after receiving the injury all those years ago. He also located a body misalignment using his body code knowledge and was able to release it. He said my thyroid was affected and that this was connected to my teres minor muscle that connects my shoulder blade to my arm.
After he finished all of the releasing, he began to talk about a story from his experience. As he spoke, I felt a great shift in my throat area. It was amazing! I was so grateful! After the call, my body continued to shift powerfully and even now in this moment, 21 hours later, I am feeling this continual shift throughout my body. I'm experiencing so much relief and restoration!

Tim has really had a huge impact on my restoration process. I've been calling into his show for more than a year now. He has really advanced me on my path to perfect health. I look forward to his healing program each week! I learn so much from each of his programs and I have received a healing on almost ever show I have called in to.

I encourage you to take advantage of his free healings! He is quite an expert in a number of modalities including Emotion/Body Code, Access Consciousness, Quantum Touch 2.0 and others! He also teaches lucid dreaming!

Firstly, he's a great musician, has written a number of books, has all kinds of resources on his youtube channel and does great healing work as a side gig! His twice-a-week show is just icing on the cake!

Thanks for everything, Tim!