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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Leave a noteゲストブック

tim janakos

November 30, 2015

Pat, I hope you got my two emails. Because my night is your day, your early morning is my early night and visa versa. So best time is your 6AM to 9AM or your about 6PM to 11PM. After your 9AM I go to bed, because that is night time in Japan. Please add me to facebook, because I'm easiest to catch there.


November 29, 2015

How do I set up the phone sessions?
I would like the special three sessions for the price of two

Janice Reiter

August 6, 2015

We are having trouble with our Facebook page. I hope you get this message. I bought your book at and wrote a review. Hope you can do a complimentary session. Having trouble with shaking and itching all over. Have a heavy parasite load. Also nausea and pains.Thanks Janice

Janice Reiter

August 6, 2015

We are having trouble with our Facebook page. I hope you get this message. I bought your book at and wrote a review. Hope you can do a complimentary session. Having trouble with shaking and itching all over. Have a heavy parasite load. Also nausea and pains.Thanks Janice


July 27, 2015

is it possible for your deal of three session 97$ ... in that 2 sessions for me for gums,acne and fear im worry worm !!,,and one for my son Ronald Beumer who is depressed and tired,,.can tell me how i pay you etc thanks xxx im in france and my son in copenhagen :)


July 19, 2015

After paying for the sessions via paypal, how do you set up the sessions appointment time? I am in the US eastern time.

Janice Reiter

April 18, 2015

Last week you did a free session for me. I did not get the report. Can you please send it again. Thank you very much. Janice

Andrew Stewart

April 8, 2015

I just paid the $158 fee for the 3 Emotion Code sessions. For scheduling I am in the U.S. in the Central Time Zone.

Jill Knutson

March 21, 2015

I am interested in the sessions with you my phone is 801-205-6455

randy enslin

February 17, 2015

my sister sue nickles paid for session and i give u permittion to work on me


November 13, 2014

Are you still doing free healing sessions to those who per chase your 2cds. For 22. If so I'm in just not sure how to per chase . Can you mail me the CDs and let me pay with my card.? If you can make it little more simple I need help plz.
Thanks Penny


January 19, 2014

Splended,I heaed your song with my mentally impared son and my wife at the Lexn yesteday. My wife told me she liked a song of Japanese than English one because she cannot
understand English.To tell the truth,Iam singing many kind of songs at my village festival and the aged home as a volunteer.that is why I heared your songs.
Thank you .

Spammer wit6 no 9rammar

December 23, 2013

w6y I post spam t6at makes no 9ramatical sense to Tim's site w6en I know 6e'll delete it and block me from any furt6er posts is just to s6ow you all 6ow stupid I am.


October 2, 2013

Namaste Tim...
Thank you for sharing volunteer n request the free healing session ( delhi,india) ..cld you pls guide me accordingly


August 27, 2013

Do you still do the Body Code by distance ? I am in the UK and if you can pleas let me know your fee.

Answer. I emailed you, but I can't remember if you emailed back. Yes, and I do free healing on my radio show twice a well.


August 9, 2013

2013 august 09. Niigata station. Thank you. I love live & soul music. Take care.

David Gomes

July 8, 2013

When are your call-in healing shows broadcast?

Answer: Every Sunday night in Japan and Thursday Morning, which is Sunday morning and Wednesday evening in the US. See


March 16, 2011


I always enjoy your emails and your music!

Watching the news here in Southern California about the earthquake and tsunami......where are you and are you ok?

Taro Otaru

January 15, 2011

Can't wait for your next leg of your all Japan tour in spring time. Chase the cherry blossoms this time.

Peace, from Nagano! T. O.

SriLal Palitha Galapitiya. From SriLanka.

October 30, 2010

wonderful creature of the universe and able guy who was born with courage inner-power healing feelings and total
entertainer who makes always others happy(it is a blessing)Yes My friend is a blessed MAN.


August 19, 2010

you're music is so great. Thank you!


August 8, 2010

Your comments of Consciousness, "A Buddhist Dialogue with Science"~ very interesting and right on!
I wrote to Pete, a healer, always working on consciousness, but in denial of the work and path necessary to clear habitual patterns on deepest levels this, and clips from your article:"Now as to healing:
SO, I have become aware of levels of consciousness.
Beyond a cleared 8th level lies the state HARMONY- and inner silence- etc.!!!
8th level, about deepest/ here reside the core patterns and habits/ to access this, difficult!
7th/ most deep mother -father stuff here/ root addictions
6th/ allergies
5th/ and beyond~ wow, little at a time!
1 to 4 , assessable!
So, if you discover a way, short of visions, lucid dreaming, psychedelics, deep hypnosis/ to reach the deeper levels, do let me know!!!

Excerpts Follow


INDIVIDUAL consciousness to ~
GROUP consciousness to ~
COMMUNITY consciousness to ~
NATIONAL consciousness to ~
COLLECTIVE consciousness to ~
PLANETARY consciousness to ~
GALACTIC consciousness

A thought:
The 6th through the 9th factors of life, internal cause, relation (or external cause), latent effect and manifest effect, explain the workings of cause and effect on both the physical and the conscious/spiritual
planes. Just as in science, “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” which is part of Newton’s laws of motion, Buddhism states that the same is also true for the actions of thoughts, words and
deeds. These 3 types of actions (the Indian word Karma means action) that a human performs, cause an equal and opposite reaction back to that human.

The 8th factor of life, gives us the idea of “instant karma (as John Lennon sang about)." ~~~
So, looking on hearing from you,


July 31, 2010

I listen your CD now.
I like your song "come alive"

Please come back to nagano station!
I wanna see you again and sing a song together.

Enjoy your tour!
Good luck!!


March 17, 2010

I like
Tim ganbatte!

Hale D

January 4, 2010

Looks like everyone has been talking to you on facebook lately?

To all the gansta rapers out there.

November 10, 2009

We delete raps songs put on this page (especially one's with adds in them) faster than you can say Run DMC 3 times.

sally from the valley

October 22, 2009

I think fuckinstuff is right. At least about the "not all the coincidence theorist can be wrong" I mean yeah we know many of the 19 "hijackers" ended up being alive after 9/11, but you know when you do that crazy Islamic super killing stuff, sometime you can have an out of body experience. You know, like, maybe when the planes hit the buildings, maybe their soul flew out of their bodies and landed back in Jordon or Isreal or somewhere where their parents could contact them by phone. I'm not a coincidence theorist, so I don't know how many coincidences it takes all in one day to make the whole house of cards fall apart, but at least we should admit it's possible right?

OK anyway, when are you gonna play in Hawaii?

The Postmaster

September 24, 2009

Wow thanks fuckinstuff for coming out. Next time share some of the budd with us.

H R Fuckinstuff

September 24, 2009

Listen bub, your song about 9/11? WhatTHEflick? Didn't you watch faux news? They said anyone who believes that the US government had somtin to do with 9/11 R unamerican. Are you unamerican? I know you're hiding out in Japan and all, dodging your critics in the good ol' US of the world, but still don't mean you got to point out all the inconsistancies in the 9/11 conspiracy theory in one damn song. Save it for a few songs next time. One song can be about magic flying passports and one song can be about disappearing planes. And the next could be about how the same scenerio was being rehearsed the same day that it happened. All those coincidence theorist can not all be wrong. Maybe a million coincidences can really happen all in one day that the only 3 steel structured builiding in history can all fall due to fire in the same day. What I'm trying to say is have so fricken imagination for Christ sakes.

To the spammers who keep posting junk

June 24, 2009

Don't you folks who post adds and other junk know it only takes me a few minutes to block your computer from posting my adds and I get an email as soon as a post is put on this site, so you can't get by me for more than a few minutes.



April 22, 2009



March 25, 2009

natural-life-yogini-non/ です。


January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 to ya Tim!

Webmaster, To all the spammers out there.

November 25, 2008

If you make a post on this site, it better be accompanied with a legitimate email address or it will be quickly erased and you will be blocked from attempting to make any more posts.


November 15, 2008

Timothy you are the best! Your strong faith is truly inspiring. I am an Italian member since 1987, your faith experience really encouraged me a lot!Thanks :-)

Student at the Higashi Ishiyama junior high school

August 27, 2008

I am a student at the Niigata Prefecture Higashi Ishiyama junior high school.
I was going to write it because it heard that the Tim teacher was uniting the band, and the homepage was opened. Please become accustomed to the Higashi Ishiyama junior high school early, become all the pupils of our school happily, find a good place in the Higashi Ishiyama junior high school, and spend it happily.
Please hold out. It assists.

Barney Buttdrag the 3rd

August 25, 2008

PARTY !!! until your pants fall off!


July 29, 2008

Thank you so much for your song and concert at SUA!! I enjoyed tonight with your music! at my parents' house, Busan, Korea. It's my summer vacation! Especially, loved Hey Jude ! ^^ Hope that you'll have much greater concert from now on! See you ne!! Your comrade, Jackie (Unghee)


July 18, 2008

are you displaying our concert or submit that photo of us at soku.I see our photo when i download your music I would really like to hear our

robin boynton (cherokee Woman)

June 11, 2008

your writings amaze me and have taught me so much that i was once blind to. soon your books will be mine. thank you tim for opening my eyes to all injustice. what a special person you are and one that makes the world a better place because you are in it.
Cherokee Woman

Teri Van Campen

May 2, 2008

It's your mama sama. Trying to listen. trouble downloading LOVE YOU

Timothy Harada

February 18, 2008

Hey Joe! I wish you left me an email address, so I could respond to you in person.

But it was nice to meet you and I hope all your studies go well.


February 17, 2008


 びょういんではCDをいただき、ありがとうございました。My Homeにかえってさっそくききましたが、とてもよいきょくですね。


"Precept for Brass Band" by Daisaku Ikeda

January 6, 2008

There are no boundaries in religious philosophy. Humankind shares equally the desire for peace and happiness, and religious philosophy is the only means by which this desire can be answered. Likewise, there are no boundaries in the field of music. Music is the flower of culture, a language common to the entire world. It is a thing of beauty sought by all people. Recalling the history of humanity, we discover that a race of people or nation attained happiness and peace only if there existed a sound philosophy of life. The practice of a great ideology, like the current of a great river, becomes the high ambition and rhythm of that nation. The same holds true of music. The beauty and energy of music has been the source of a nation’s growth. By the same token, what does the growth of the Soka Gakkai indicate? Needless to say, it reveals the unprecedented growth of the human race, and the construction of a nation having the highest culture and means for peace. Accordingly, I believe that the sound of the Brass Band, gushing from the depth of pure faith, can become the mighty thrust needed to achieve this historical undertaking. Presently, the music that is being presented to the people is void of direction and emotion. Music today is being presented merely for the sake of a few; it is for those who seek stimulation and pleasure of the moment. Modern music is slowly deteriorating. It has lost the spirit of humanism and no longer has the power to inspire vitality and hope for the future. Music often determines the direction in which the youth of a nation will travel. How unfortunate that the level of modern music has led youth on the path to delinquency. When music plays such a role, its functions must be called evil. Sound the clarion of a new world, and with the banner of the construction of the Third Civilization waving proudly, let us brace ourselves firmly with the Buddhist Democracy, and courageously crush this evil. Having great hopes for the future and with arms linked together, let us develop a mammoth musical movement. For the sake of the general public, let us sow the seeds for a great new culture. It is my request that all of you, without uttering a word, will be able to move your listeners to deep emotion. Through your performance, I hope that you will move people to jubilation, and inspire them to attain their human revolution. Together with the astounding growth of the Soka Gakkai, our Brass Band has also undergone rapid advancement. A strong foundation has been established here in Japan, as well as in all other parts of the world. However, our future is of the greatest significance. There is no doubt that in the very near future, one year’s growth of the lay organization will be equivalent to ten year’s growth of other organizations. The Brass Brand will advance in like manner. To the general public you are being called upon to reveal the true picture of Kosen-rufu. You must also give the general public the opportunity to recognize correctly and without prejudice, the true mission of the Soka Gakkai. Furthermore, as pioneers of a great new Civilization, you must contribute to the enhancement of world culture. You must complete the mission of the Brass Band within the organization, inspiring millions of boddhisattvas and giving our fellow members hope and inspiration to overcome their sufferings. In conclusion, I would like to say that your spirit should transcend vanity, as well as musical techniques and ability. The sound of the Brass Band should be the rhythm of faith. It must roar with the sound of passion, as if to crush the angry waves of the ocean. I urge that you advance with the confidence that your performances will penetrate the hearts of all people. With the rise of a great nation and a dynamic generation, people look forward to new talents and the highest standard of music. I sincerely hope that you will rise to these challenge and spread your music to all corners of the world.

Jesse Levy

January 6, 2008

I am looking for a copy of "Precepts for Brass Band" and when I Googled it, your site came up. Does anyone have a copy? I am a long time member in LA and a long way from my days as a YMD. Thanks.


November 22, 2007


Angela Stevens

November 17, 2007

I am looking for Adonis VanCampen who I went to high school with.....he'll remember me..I was with Marcus and we (me, Marcus, Adonis and Stacy) went out and kicked some serious butt on Main St. downtown HB one night many years ago! We both had Paulson together for English.....anyways, if this is the same Adonis (I can't imagine there are too many like him out there! and I loved his once magnificent mohawk he had once upon a time)....then please let him know to contact me.....if it's not, please disregard the message and sorry to have bothered you......thanks :0)

Bob and Gina Berman

September 26, 2007

Great version of the song. Thanks.


July 20, 2007


María Fernanda

June 19, 2007

Hi Tim :)
I´m a MySpace friend ... I was reading the previews of your books ... I really love them ;)
Have a great day my friend

Doreen Mercado

May 24, 2007

I have been getting e-mails from you. Now that I have seen your photo, I know who you are. I didn't know your Japanese name, Harada. You have been to my house for Toso and discussion meetings. I live close to the Crummett's. I am happy to see you are on the road and doing things you enjoy. I remember seeing you at Borders in Brea.

We had the great benefit of being able to buy a second home in Keaau, Hawaii. You and your guys are welcome to visit anytime. Keep in touch.

Good luck for your continued success and great experience in life.

Tom Key

May 24, 2007

From Orange County too. Old and badly-mauled former barbarian intellectual. Do not hesitate to consult my library font of misguided wisdom wishing you further wells in farther time.

Patricia Morgan

May 8, 2007

Hi Tim,
Wow, I remember you as an infant. I am one of your mother's old friends from the Laguna Beach District days. You have grown up to be such a wonderful musician. I feel very honored to hear and see you do your music now. Thank you so much for being in this world to become the man that you are today. I hope to see you in concert in the USA and meet your beautiful wife. Please let me know when you are here.
Pat (Lacy-Rankin) Morgan

Matheaus Kauti

May 8, 2007

Hi Tim,
Well well...Dragon Girl is a master piece. The Lyrics skillfully and poetically scripted. Cant wait to see your concert this summer

Daiki Miura

March 1, 2007

It is Daiki for some reason. Thank you for signing it today.

When is Tim's Birthday?

January 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

I am curious about your book.
Let me know if I can be of any help with translations. My target language is not Japanese but I can try!

Crystal l

Matt Foster

January 13, 2007

Hello Timothy,
I was doing some googling about booking gigs in Sendai and stumbled upon your page. I'm from Knoxville, TN and I'm planning on visiting my girlfriend, who lives in Sendai, in May. I'd like to try to book a couple of gigs while I'm there, but I haven't had much luck through the internet. I play in a band here in the states, Medford's Black Record Collection. We do kind of an Americana/Bluegrass/Folk rock sort of thing. You can check us out at Of course it would have to be just a solo gig to book over there. If you could give me some suggestions and/or contact info for live music venues, I would be very grateful. Any advice would be great. Hope to hear from you soon!
Matt Foster

Steven Gianakos

January 4, 2007

I can see you have a good portion of my blood


January 4, 2007

I am looking at your website for the first time


January 3, 2007

Happy New Years!
Party until your pants fall off!

Timothy Harada

November 27, 2006

Oh course I would never block you AkritiKutty! All my friends from SUA are my friends for life!

I hope to play at SUA sometime soon, but we'll see if I can get the tour off the ground in Japan, before I do the world tour and come back to the US!


November 20, 2006

the last time i visited your website, I couldnt write anything, cz apparently i was blacklisted, whatever that means :p (...what does that mean?)
so, how's harada-san doing? we miss you a lot at SUA. It hasnt been too long since you graduated, but time is passing by sooo fast. I'm already a junior, about to study's crazy!
anyway, are you planning to come to SUA anytime soon...AND PERFORM? i would love to hear that.
lemme know
Good luck with everything in life

Timothy Harada

November 15, 2006

Thank you Gary. Well my older brother, Adonis VanCampen is an Accountant in LA too, but he calls himself "The Accountant from Hell!" so it more likely we know each other from SGI, since I've been a member all of my life in Southern California and I graduated from Soka University.

But funny thing, I was checking out your website, to see if I could job my memory after seeing a picture (you don't have one on your website though!) and instead I put and too bad your not the later Gary Mark from Canada that makes huge kites, those are some bomb kites. Man if I flew one of those in Japan, I would get all the attention in the world. I can put a big advertising on it for my concert, much better than those annoying trucks with the load speakers around here. I don't know what they hell they are saying, but they are sure to wake me up every weekend when I want to sleep in.

Gina and Bob Berman

November 15, 2006

My brother knows some people in the radio industry in Japan. Maybe you can connect with them. We'll try to get info and let you know.

Remember us...friends of Fathan, our son Russell used to idolize you and your playing. He now plays the clarinet but wants to learn all winds and guitar.

Gary Mark

November 14, 2006

I got your email but I don't remember you. I'm an SGI-USA member in L.A. -- Gary

Timothy Harada

October 20, 2006

Hey friends where have you been?

OK the hits on the website have been doubleing or tripleing each month for the last few months, but lately none of you have signed in the guest book? What's the deal. I miss you all!!!
It's great to have your comments, even constructive critisizm helps.


October 2, 2006


Matheaus Kauti

September 6, 2006

This is wonderful stuff. Am looking forward to the forthcoming Jyozenzi Jass Festival. Best wishes Tim!


August 24, 2006

Actually the real tour begin's in July of 2007.

Here is the announcement for the news section:

The 2007 Timothy Harada Japan Living Room Tour -
20 June 2006
Announcing Timothy Harada's 2007 Japan Living Room Tour!

Tired of having to go to a smoky and noisy bar to see Timothy Harada perform.
Well, Starting July of 2007, Timothy Harada and fellow musicians will be kicking off his Japan Living Room Tour, playing small semi-unplugged concerts in the comfort and intimate setting of people's houses or in local community centers.


Tour Dates Tour Places
July 15th -31th Sendai and surrounding areas
August 1st-7th Yamagata Prefecture
August 8th -14th Fukushima Prefecture
August 15th - 21st Niigata City and surrounding areas
August 22nd - 28th Nagaoka and surrounding areas
August 29th – Sept 5th Tochigi and Saitama areas
Sept. 6th - 12th Chiba and surrounding areas
Sept. 13th – 19th Tokyo and surrounding areas
Sept. 20th - 26th Kanagawa and surrounding areas
Sept. 22nd – Oct. 2nd Izu, Fuji and Shizuoka areas
Oct. 3rd - 9th Nagoya, Gifu and surrounding areas
Oct. 10th - 16th Nara, Kyoto, Osaka and surrounding areas
Oct. 17th - 23rd Hyogo and Kobe Areas
Oct. 24th - 30th Okayama and surrounding areas
Oct. 31st – Nov. 6th Hiroshima and surrounding areas
Nov. 7th - 13th Yamaguchi and surrounding areas
Nov. 14th – Nov. 20th Fukuoka and Saga ans surrounding areas.
Nov. 21st – Nov 27th Nagasaki and surrounding areas
November 28th – Dec. 15th Okinawa

To sign up to have Timothy Harada play in your home or in your neighborhood, just fill out your name, address and phone number on the email sign up list at and write “Living Room Tour” in the notes section, or email
One of the Japanese or English speaking representatives at the
Timothy Harada fan club will contact you soon.

Timothy Harada

August 21, 2006

Who knows how long it will be until I really get the tour off the ground in Sendai. Touring in Japan is the most expensive tour in the world. Damn, why didn't I go somewhere were it was cheaper to travel. It's cheaper to fly back to the US, than it is to fly across Japan. Go Figure???!!!??

Bob Downe

August 21, 2006

Yo TH,

In my limited experience I found plenty of (cheap) Japanese cameras that are bilingual.

Question, if you are "currently on tour in Japan" then why do you need medical insurance, rent, school party funds, school lunches, airconditioner, rice cooker, heater, and DVD players?

Dude No.2

August 11, 2006

Great pics dude! Cool site too (-_-) See you at LLL

Timothy Harada

July 20, 2006

Hey Elvin. Cool I checked out your website. Yes, Daisakus Ikeda's "Precepts for Brass Band" influenced my life profoundly at about age 10 when I joined the SGI brass band in Los Angeles.

I'm still trying in every way to make this writing my motto in life and music.

I should post the writing on my website in it's entirety like you do, perhaps I will in the future. But for now everyone can go to your website to read it.

I'll keep up the good fight to "though [my] performance move people to jubilation and inspire them to attain their human revolution."

Elvin Siew

July 19, 2006

Someone wrote a comment on my website saying you have love and passion for music and have Precept of Brassband on your site too! Cheerios! SGI MEMBER!

Check out my site
Music the Flower of Culture mate.

Timothy Harada

July 7, 2006

I thought so too, until I saw all the deductions for medical insurance, rent, school party funds, school lunches, etc, etc.... However, now that the two weddings are over and paid for, I think you're right, I should buy a digital camera. But I want to buy one in the US when I go back, because everything is cheaper there and I want one that isn't in Kanji, so I can figure out how to use it. I still don't even know how my Japanese, airconditioner, rice cooker, heater, and DVD players work. But first my wife's got to find a job, since she quit her job to move from Niigata to Sendai and I would rather use my money to pay to record my newest 15 songs, I have yet to record and to buy all the musical equipment I had to sell to move to Japan, like mixer board, PA, monitors, and speaker. Now, I would prefer to put new songs on the website over new pictures. Everyone can see what I look like at my weekly concerts.

Bob Downe

July 7, 2006

I thought ALT's made 300,000yen a month. Surely that's enough to pay for food and a cheap digital camera?

Timothy Harada

July 3, 2006

Wait is this the real Bob or is it Mark Trevorrow aka Bob Downe?

When are you going to put me on your show?

The email you left came back!?

Peace, Timothy

Timothy Harada

July 3, 2006

Thank you Bob. Yes all of us starving musicians need a day job. I'm so starving I can't even afford a digital camera, so even though I've been doing a lot of gigs in Japan, the only digital photos I have are the one other people take and send me.

Bob Downe

July 1, 2006

I thought you went to Japan to teach English!? Isn't that photo from your 'gig' your wedding?

Timothy Harada

June 30, 2006

Thank you for your support Faith.
And thank you for recording my CD Anthony.
Peace, Timothy Harada

faith white-poe

June 28, 2006

hi from SGI USA chicago.

Anthony Cinquini

June 6, 2006

Tim - keep the groove going..your friend, Tony Cinquini