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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Linksリンク

Tim Janakos's newest CD, The Beginning is Here!
Arranged and Produced By Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions, this new CD by Tim Janakos proves to be the most daring CD he has released to date. His visionary lyrics that afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, which are sure to delight any audience. This CD jumps from Hard Rock to Acoustic Ballads, and even to Reggae-a taste of many genres in one musical delight of a CD.
Preview Tim's newest book by clicking here!
From the author of the Buddhist discovery novel, Myth Shattering, The Collected Writings From Soka University contains all of the writings which were previously published as the first 3 volumes of The Selected Writings From Soka University, plus Tim's yet unpublished senior thesis. Separated into 4 sections, this thick volume contains academic works on politics, human rights, social justice, art and activism, Buddhist philosophy, poetry, historical and cultural criticism and a wide range of other topics that are sure to stimulate many observers of the new 21st century peace institute, Soka University of America.
Preview the novel, Myth Shattering Here.
A semi-autobiographical novel about a young, punkrock kid in Wutherington Beach, Southern California. With his punk rock friends, he steals marijuana plants from his neighbors' backyards, smokes them in the group's underground club house and shoplifts for munchies on a daily basis. However, on one summer afternoon, while trying to hide a large bag of marijuana in his apartment's garage, he discovers his dead father's revolutionary book collection. The things he reads in these books open his eyes wide to the nefarious history of the US government and the nefarious nature of its foreign and domestic policy. This awakening causes him to search for other like books, which further awaken him to the need for revolutionary change in his county. However, the more he learns, the more bewildered he becomes, and the more withdrawn he becomes from school and social life, until he is on the brink of total despair. What finally saves him are the books in his father's collection about Nichiren Buddhism.
Fortune Child Books
A great website featureing articles about Buddhism from many writers including from Timothy Harada
Edward Mendoza, the director of Timothy's video "Chasing Butterflies."
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Timothy's Other Sites

Listen or Buy Timothy's new compilation CD: Acts of Sedition: Classified CIA Files.
A compilation of 18 of the most requested songs from Timothy's 3 previous CDs.
Buy Timothy's CD, Love: The Only Proven Way to Fight Terrorism

Progressive information

Juzu Creations
Get some new cool prayer beads and start chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
SGI Quarterly Magazine
Read about all the great work the SGI is doing all around the world to change the world into a better place. The magazine is complete free to read online.
Green Action Japan.
Working for a nuclear free Japan!
The World Can't Wait!
End Obama's wars. The world can't wait!
Democracy Now Takes Back the Media
Listen or watch online, the largest independent media collaboration.
The worlds first and oldest Commercial-Free Radio Station
Liberty TV
Kick ass commercial free monthly television on the internet.
You have to listen to this CD
The newest CD from Blow Up Hollywood, will blow your mind. Listen to the lyrics carefully
The grass roots Buddhist organization that is transforming the ills of America into medicine!

Fellow Musicians

Anthony Cinquini
Kick ass musician and recording engineer, who recorded Timothy's Love CD and played most of the instruments.
Howard Jones, Bodhisattva of the Earth!
Howard Jones has reemerged from the Earth! Hail to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth!!!!
Sacha Sacket
Incredible Singer Song Writer From Southern California. Timothy played some concerts with him a few years back. Hopefully they will play together again soon.
Duncan Shiek
Currently one of my favorite singer songwriters and fellow Bodhisattvas!
Richie Gill
Hot guitar player from New Zealand that plays with Timothy in daDoodz.
Vienna Teng kicks ass

Favorite Art websites

My Crazy Little Brother, Hiel III's Website
Hiel Leslie VanCampen III is a creative pisces who does great photography, T-shirt printing, DJing and other cool shit.
Fathan's Incredible Photography and art.
Fathan sang on Timothy's Song of Triumph and Wake Up.
Gonzalo Obelleiro
Fellow SUA graduate, class of 2005, amazing artist, photographer, and world citizen
Michael Godard: The guy who took my money to paint my novel cover, but never found the time to finish it.
Hopefully, he'll finish my novel cover before it becomes a best seller. I don't know, he hasn't returned my emails for a few years. But I'll keep trying.