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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Music音楽

Dragon Girl: The Dragon King's Daughter

(Tim Janakos)
Written and sung by Tim Janakos
This song was written for a girl friend in 2002. It was shortly after we started dating that I started calling her "dragon girl", because she was proud of the fact that she was born in the year of the dragon. She was also a Scorpio, so I sometimes called her Scorpio-dragon, both of which she was fond of.

After I introduced her to Buddhism, we were both happy to read that the Dragon King's daughter, a famous character in the Lotus Sutra, the first of Shakyamuni's disciples to attain Buddhahood after hearing the Lotus Sutra, was also called "Dragon Girl". So I decided to subtitle the song "The Dragon King's Daughter."

This recording is a demo recording that still needs to be cleaned up, but the other singer of daDoodz who wished to remain anonymous never had time to finish mixing it properly.
Dragon Girl:
The Dragon King's Daughter.

lyrics on bridge by Sarah Alperin

When the world is fast asleep
You come all a fire.
When the night is at its peak
You fill me with desire

Sting me like a scorpion
Paralyzed in your wake
When I see your fiery eyes
My body starts to quake

Oh my dragon girl
Goddess of the night
Though your fire burns my soul
I want to hold you tight

(Like a fish out of Water
I flip and flutter, helplessly undone
I want to be inside of you
'Til our bodies become one)

Your powerful words brought me to tears
But I wasn't sad you see
You let me see into your heart
And the way that it could be

A feeling more intense than love
Ripped up through my spleen
Shivers so surreal it seemed
Awoke my entire being

Oh my dragon girl Goddess of the sea
It wasn't by chance we met that night and it wasn't only me

(Like a mighty carp I'll swim undaunted
Up to your dragon gate
I'll set the castle all ablaze
And never again we'll wait)

In your eyes I see the universe
And endless tapestries
A timeless conscious energy
Filled with mystery

I want to dance and sing aloud
And swim with you upstream
Swim together to a better world
Where we can live our dreams

Breathing truth of fire
Speaking words of love and light
Eyes the Color of life
Loving with unconditional sight

Oh my dragon girl goddess of the rain
I feel you love cleanse my soul and wash away the pain