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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Music音楽

Sax Improv with Piano

(Tim Janakos and the other singer of daDoodz who wished to remain anonymous.)

Princess (with Japanese Translation and chords), The Cinquini Ranch Version

Knowing We Are One

(Timothy Harada ティムハラダ)
Written and sung by Timothy Harada

Songs with radio air play

With You; With Me, (the Cinquini Ranch Acoustic Version), as featured on Honma and Chicka Chan's Air Jam Friday show on Date FM, Sendai, Japan, Feb. 10th, 2006

Will You Be My Wife, Original Mix with backing vocal, version which was featured on NHK FM Sept 29th, 2006

Come Alive, Live From Soka University of America, as featured on "Monkey House Music" on Date FM, November 16th, 2006

Song of Triumph, as featured on KSBR Radio's Local Artist Spotlight, Orange County, California

NHK FM playing Will You Be My Wife

Songs yet to be played on the radio

Issho ni Narou Yo! 一緒になろうよ!

(Tim Janakos ティム・ジャナコス)
By Tim Janakos

Wake Up (Full Circle Version)

Will You Be My Wife New Remix by Mitsunobu "Mi" Sato

(Timothy Harada ティムハラダ)
Written and sung by Timothy Harada

Strawberry Girl

Will You Be MY Wife, the Tokita Yasushi's REMIX

You and Me

(Timothy Harada  ティムハラダ)
Timothy Harada

Cosmic Dance, with Japanese Translation, live at Soka University of America

Sorry if I Opened Your Mind

Come Alive, original studio demo

Wake Up Stranger's Milk Version

Got to Run

There's Nothing We Can't Change (Original Slow Version)

Jorge's 2 songs for Mammoth Musical Movement voting.

Mate y Chacarera

This song is up on the site temporarily for voting by members of Mammoth Musical Movement.


This song is posted temporarily on this site for members of Mammoth Musical Movement to vote on.
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