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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Newsニュース

Tim is 3rd place in the 6th Annual Guitar Center Singer Song Writer Competition - November 22, 2016

Please help time get select for the 5 finalist that will perform in Los Angeles in March and the winner will win $25,000, a 4-song record deal with a big name LA producer and a shit load of Guitar Center Equipment and Gear.

Go to this link to follow him in the contest and comment on all his videos and share them all. He gets points for all listens, and comments all follows and all shares.

Just one of many testimonials of Tim's Work - September 18, 2015

From Charles Young on his facebook page:

Just wanted to send a shout out to Tim Janakos-Kobayashi! It's the least I can do for all he has done for me! I call into his show on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and sometimes at 7am on Sunday mornings, Pacific standard time.

I called in yesterday and I asked that he address a broken collarbone I got when I was 16. This injury did not heal properly and caused much of my body to misalign. He released a number of emotions of helplessness and grief. These negative emotions were quite relevant after receiving the injury all those years ago. He also located a body misalignment using his body code knowledge and was able to release it. He said my thyroid was affected and that this was connected to my teres minor muscle that connects my shoulder blade to my arm.
After he finished all of the releasing, he began to talk about a story from his experience. As he spoke, I felt a great shift in my throat area. It was amazing! I was so grateful! After the call, my body continued to shift powerfully and even now in this moment, 21 hours later, I am feeling this continual shift throughout my body. I'm experiencing so much relief and restoration!

Tim has really had a huge impact on my restoration process. I've been calling into his show for more than a year now. He has really advanced me on my path to perfect health. I look forward to his healing program each week! I learn so much from each of his programs and I have received a healing on almost ever show I have called in to.

I encourage you to take advantage of his free healings! He is quite an expert in a number of modalities including Emotion/Body Code, Access Consciousness, Quantum Touch 2.0 and others! He also teaches lucid dreaming!

Firstly, he's a great musician, has written a number of books, has all kinds of resources on his youtube channel and does great healing work as a side gig! His twice-a-week show is just icing on the cake!

Thanks for everything, Tim!

One of many testimonials of Tim's Healing Work. - May 30, 2015

"Before deciding to try Emotion Code / 'Energy Medicine' with Tim, I used to have unbearably painful and exhausting menstrual cycles with heavy clotting and bleeding that would knock me out for at least 2 days each month. I had previously been on desiccated thyroid as a more natural approach for hypothyroid treatment. That treatment had originally alleviated the painful symptoms, but after almost 4 years on the medication, it was creating other hormonal imbalances and severe cystic acne, so I decided that I needed to get to the root cause of my hypothyroid. I had a friend who referred me to Tim who had some similar issues and was seeing positive results with his treatments, so I thought I would give it a try. Four months after stopping the thyroid medication, the extremely painful periods were back full force. After a few sessions with Tim I was feeling slightly more energetic and had a more positive outlook, but I felt like I really needed some concrete evidence that this was going to be the best treatment for me. I needed some physical evidence or change. I never adjusted anything else in my life and after my 7th session with Tim, my monthly friend came around and I was in Shock! NOT ONE PAINFUL CRAMP and my cycle was a lot lighter!!!!!!! I kept waiting for the pain to creep up on me and….NOTHING! My husband, the skeptic, who had seen me go through this prior to us getting pregnant and before the thyroid medication, was even convinced at that point. I’m AMAZED and VERY THANKFUL to have found Tim and that I decided to go this route. We are still doing treatments and getting better every day and he even works on my 3.5 year old son and husband at the same time! I can definitely see a difference in both of them. I highly recommend him!"

Jillian K.

Tim releases his 3rd Music Video "It's All Up to You." - March 21, 2015

Review of Tim Janakos's CD The Beginning is Here - February 11, 2015

An Amazing Talent
By evelyn on February 11, 2015
Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
What a great talent and great music. Tim's music is moving and I know it lifts my vibration. It has a beautiful and calming effect. His voice is amazing. I loved everyone of the songs. I couldn't say I have one favorite because each song was as great as next. Where has Tim Janakos been hiding? His music should be burning up the radios.

Review of Tim Janakos's CD The Beginning is Here - January 31, 2015

Calming and beautiful
By carol hampton on January 31, 2015
Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
I consider Tim's music as easy listening and is from his heart and soul. His words in all the songs are so meaningful and heartfelt. His voice and music is calming and beautiful. I love every song. So real to life.

Review of Tim Janakos's CD The Beginning is Here - January 26, 2015

Feel the lyrics, see the other side of true reality!
By Elizabeth West on January 26, 2015
Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
I love the all around sound of every single song! He has a very great voice as well. This is the type of music one could definitely listen to all the time. If you are a person who actually listens to the words in a song ainstead of just the song itself, you'll feel the meaning to every word. The feel is in there and then some. When one speaks from the heart like he does, now thats a real true artist. I recommend his CD and its truly rare for me to ever say. Great personality in those words! Take my word! ♡ it!

Review of Tim Janakos's CD The Beginning is Here - January 1, 2015

This music will elevate you
By Nils kettunen on January 1, 2015
Format: Audio CD
Tim's music speaks to the heart and inspires to re-evaluate ones short comings
and to become aware. Stories of every day life in a new arrangement. Forget
about HipHop Music and the nasty language used which puts you in a bad
vibration. This album is supposed to elevate you and make you think and are
wonderful to listen while working on the computer.

Tim releases his 2nd Music Video "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - November 11, 2014

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, by Tim Janakos

Video shot by Bryan Baier with help from Robert M Moore.

Song originally released as At Times Like This, on the CD "The Beginning is Here," by Tim Janakos

Recorded at Wave Reader Productions by Remi Desroques
Downloadable at Itunes, cdbaby and most other dowloadable sites.
It's titled At Times Like This on the CD. It's the 4th track.

Review of Tim Janakos's Novel, Myth Shattering - March 31, 2014

By Lisa Cooley Mar 31, 2014
Great read. Really enjoyed this book. Tim the author has quite an imagination. There are great nuggets of inspiring things for me to contemplate. This book is going to be great gifts for me to give to friends. Lisa C. Los Angeles, CA

Tim releases his new All-Japanese CD - January 1, 2014

As part of the grand prize winning for the Niigata Powers Song Competition, Tim Janakos released a 3 song all-Japanese CD with Otonohoka (a local recording company in Niigata, which sponsored the contest)

There are a very limited number of this CD available.
For the first 100 people who buy and do an amazon review for this CD, Tim will do a free 30-minute proxy energy healing session

Tim wins the Grand Prize in the Niigata Power 2nd Annual Song Competition Finals - June 23, 2013

Tim Helps Launch an Amazing New Healing network. - June 1, 2013

Are you ready for the greatest life ever?

Tim Janakos is just one of many radio hosts who have teamed up to bring you a brand new amazing set of speakers, from energy healers to life changers who will be interviewed almost every day for the next few months on a new show called "Awaken to Your Greatest Life."

As Tim's special guest you get all 27-plus calls for free if you go to his exclusive link below.

Go to

================================================ ================================================

for a limited time, to be able to sign up for this amazing program for FREE!

Be ready when you listen to change your life.

Tim wins the audience choice prize on UX TV Egg Live Performance Competition - May 20, 2013

Once again TV takes the audience pick award for a TV competition, this time on UX TV Niigata's Egg Live Competition.

Tim launches his healing radio show. - March 1, 2013

As many of you know, I'm a certified practitioner of the Emotion Code energy healing program designed/discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson and also a long-time student of his other, more advanced program the Body Code.

And I have now launched a radio program that you can call into twice a week to try some FREE Emotion Code and Body Code healing

People have had great success using the Emotion Code healing program for so many ailments: for money problems, weight problems, allergies, interpersonal relationship problems, health problems, you name it (I used it for my runny nose problems, flatulence problems, back problems, weight problems, abundance problems [it's as if I never had those problems now], and I have had amazing results in all those areas).

I have also now worked with scores of clients in many different countries, many experiencing phenomenal results in sometimes just one or two clearings (some people's problems require more sessions).

I now know that energy healing is really the 21st century way to be healthy, wealthy and wise, in mind, body and spirit. We are all energy and energy knows no bounds.

If you haven't watched some of the videos I put up on my YouTube page showing me doing live healing sessions on some of my clients, you have to watch them

Here is just one of many:
Also you can hear all the archives of my past radio shows here
I am also now part of the launch of a new webinar healing program for which I will be one of the many hosts, where I and others will be interviewing some amazing healers and motivational movers and shakers, and life changers.

And as my friend, you can get all 27-plus healing calls for free at this special link
The going rates for an Emotion Code healing session on Dr. Bradley Nelson's website is $97 for 20 minutes of Emotion Code clearing.

But as I am still building up my clientele, I am offering some great discounts. So instead of just 20 minutes, I will do up to 50 minutes on each session (depending on how many trapped emotions your body will let me release in one session), and instead of $97.00 I am turning that number up-side-down and charging just $79.00. And as if that wasn't already an amazing special, for a limited time, I will also throw in free Body Code clearing during the Emotion Code sessions (just so you know, many people charge over $150 for a 30-minute Body Code session, but I'm adding it into my Emotion Code sessions, for a limited time, FOR FREE!!).

And for those of you who have never done an Emotion Code healing session, I'm going to give you a one-time introductory rate of only $49.00. a session if you pre-pay three 50-minute sessions. That is almost 50 percent off the regular price (along with all the added bonuses above).

You can pay online with a credit card, or by PayPal or you can send a check to either my credit union in California or to my Soka University Loan, in the US.

Or if you are in Japan, you can do an ATM transfer to one of my 2 Japanese bank accounts. If you have a Japan Postal account, I do too, so it is free to do the transfer that way, from other banks it is about a 200 yen (about $2) charge.

See I have now made it so easy for you to get started, so what are you waiting for?

Let me show you how I can get you feeling better than you've ever felt and healthier and more empowered than you have ever felt.

REALLY, be ready for you life to change!

Peace, love and light, Tim Janakos

The Beginning is Here; Dec 21, 2012 - December 3, 2012

It's finally here: Tim Janakos's new CD, "The Beginning is Here," which will be released at Tim Janakos's CD release party at Fairy Tale on Dec 21, 2012 at 8PM.

Just 2,500 yen gets you in with a free drink and a free autographed copy of the new 10-plus song CD.

Book Review of Tim's Collected Writings From SUA - June 25, 2012

By niguelarts Jun 25, 2012
First I would like to say how much I appreciate that Tim’s collection of college essay’s were compiled into a book for all to read, rather than thrown in the nearest wastebasket, where many great college essay’s end up. Tim’s writing on important necessary social change and modern Buddhist thought was profound, with a thoughtful, intellectual approach to understanding many modern day problems such as environmental destruction and corporate excess. Many of Tim’s essays focused on the corruption and bias that exists in our monetary capitalistic society while others document racial disparity and the vicious cycle of destruction and greed found in policy’s affecting the future of our planet. I especially enjoyed the art, literature and wonderful Buddhist theory papers. The essays awaken the reader to Soka spirit and SGI President Ikeda’s dream of realizing world peace and happiness on Earth by applying Buddhist values and principles to daily life. There was so much beneficial, sourced information in the essays that I will personally reference the material for years to come. The book identifies that the conservative approach of turning a blind eye to human suffering and environmental catastrophe for the sake of economics and personal safety is outdated and not applicable in today’s fragile world. Our planet requires thousands of new voices worldwide united in the cause for peace, speaking truths that Tim identifies in these essays in order to change the world, one persons lion’s roar at a time! The essays remind me that thousands of voices are needed that don’t accept social injustices or the status quo. No one can escape global warming, pollution, ocean destruction, glacier melting, oil spills and nuclear radiation. These essays overall gave me the important message of saying to myself “what can I do?”; now is the time to stand up for change, not in fifty years from now when the effects of human and environmental catastrophe are predicted to cause irreversible damage and Earth’s carrying capacity is at its maximum. Again I am so appreciative and fortunate to have read such an invigorating and meaningful group of essays written by a Soka University honors student!

Tim Janakos get's interviewed on FM Port Radio in Niigata - June 9, 2012

Tim wins the Audience Pick at the Niigata Power, FM Port Radio/Oto no Hoko Song Competition - May 27, 2012

Tim played his original song, "Sachi Says" with other band members, Remi Desroques on piano, Argie Muraki, and backing vocals, and Shoya Hirano on Drums.

The song was selected from 103 entries to be in the final competition of 10 groups or solo acts.

And Tim and his band won the "Audience Pick" award and will be on FM Port Radio next month.

Tim Releases his 9th song on his new CD. - May 3, 2012

The 9th song is another collaboration song, this time an English and Japanese collaboration with Singer Song Writer in Nagaoka, Keisuke Abe.
It's called I Am Love, and Tim started to write it about his baby girl who will be born around July 13, 2012 (his mother's birthday).

One more recording to go and the CD will be finished and release before summer.

Now to decide which of the 50 songs Tim has written to be the last song on the CD.

Tim is back on the road for his 3rd annual spring summer all Japan Station to Station music tour. - April 20, 2012

Tim started off early on his All Japan Summer Music Tour this year in Spring as the Cherry Blossoms were blooming in Kanazawa, he performed at at Castle Park and then made his way to Yamagata and performed at another castle park, under the cherry blossoms.

Looks like the summer tour is going to be another smash success this year.

Tim goes Reggae for the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001 - September 11, 2011

This is the first collaboration song Tim has ever done. It's a remake of the song He and Richie Gill wrote a while ago.

This new version is reggae and was masterfully done by Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions.

Tim is back on the road and he is almost done with his new CD. - June 23, 2011

For the 2nd year in a row, Tim Janakos does his station to station tour playing at many major train station in Japan. Last year he performed at Yamagata Station, Sendai Station, Morioka Station, Akita Station, Fukushima Station, Koriyama Station, Near Joetsu Station, Niigata Station, Nagaoka Station, Mito Station, Kofu Station, Nagano Station, Matsumoto Station, Iwaki Station and Takasaki Station.

This year he hopes to go further south and hit many more cities and big stations.

Sign up for his email list and make sure you don't forget to list your city so he can email you when he comes to your local station.

Timothy's new CD is half way done - June 21, 2011

Timothy 5th song on his new CD just got released and can be heard at

TJ's English Music House is now here in Niigata - January 9, 2011

After many years of teaching music and studying music in California, Timothy Janakos is now opening "TJ's English House of Music" to teach piano, guitar, saxophone and vocal lessons entirely in English. If you want to learn how to sing in English or learn how to play guitar, piano or sax, while also practicing your English with long time English teacher and Music teaching, Timothy Janakos (aka TJ Sensei), TJ's English Music House is here for you in Kobari, Niigata, Japan, next door to Kobari Elementary School and very close walking distance from Kobari Train Station.

For individual lessons it's 2,000 yen for a half house or 3,000 yen for an hour.

However, if you pre-pay four 1-hour lessons (to be completed in one month, perferable one hour each week), it is just 10,000 yen (2,500 yen for each hour).

Group rates are also available on request, so if you have a friend or two who also wants to learn with you at the same time, let us know and we'll make a special lower rate for you to study with TJ Sensei at the same time.
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