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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Newsニュース

Timothy's 90-day All Japan "Chasing Butterflies" Motor Cycle Music Tour! - July 27, 2010

Timothy became officially unemployed as of Friday July 23, 2010, after his forced retirement from the JET (Japanese Exchange Teaching) Program, with no retirement payments. So starting Friday he through his guitar on his back and started off going south from Niigata city and stopped off at a firework display in Mitsuke, where he played his guitar for crowds of curious people.

After that he drop to Nagaoka where he was supposed to stay in a hostel, but the hostel said that night wasn't good, so he played in the Nagaoka Station and sold some CDs and ended up staying in a hotel.

The next day he made his way to the beach and drove down the coast to Kashiwazaki and stopped a few times to play his guitar for groups of people on the beach. Made one connection to possibly take the tour to Gunma next week.

That night he ended up performing in a Mizu Shobai in Joetsu only to sell out all of his CDs he brought on his trip, so he had to come home to restock.

The next leg of his trip will start on Wednesday July 28th.

Timothy has his first professional music video directed by Edward Mendoza - May 20, 2010

It's been a great week in Niigata (Japan). Music video director from Hollywood arrived last Monday at Narita Airport (Japan).

We started filming last night on the opening and closing scenes of the video. The amazing co-star of the two scenes, Mika Walker, did a great job and the co-director Satomi Ishizuka made sure we kept to our parts.

Looking forward to another great day of filming this Saturday all over Niigata, city.

Timothy Harada becomes TVC-16 - February 2, 2010

The artist formerly known as Timothy Harada, has emerged with a new single and a new upcoming CD and a new name, TVC-16. TVC-16 has gone by many names in the past, including Gianakos, Timmy, VanCampen, Tim, Harada, and Timothy, but a "rose of any other name smells just as sweet," so he has now simplified all the names in to one new name, TVC-16. You may recall a song David Bowie rode back in the 70s about his mother, TVC-15. Well hopefully TVC-16 will outshine even that amazing being.

Timothy Collected Writings From Soka University of America is now out on both hardcover and paperback. - November 17, 2009
From the author of the Buddhist discovery novel, Myth Shattering, the Collected Writings From Soka University contain all of the writings which were previously published as the first 3 volumes of The Selected Writings From Soka University, plus Timothy Harada's yet unpublished senior thesis.

Separated into 4 sections, this thick volume contains academic works on politics, human rights, social justice, art and activism, Buddhist philosophy, poetry, historical and cultural criticism and a wide range of other topics that are sure to stimulate many observers of the new 21st century peace institute, Soka University of America.

Dolphin Energy Healing - April 26, 2009

Timothy interviews Shizuko Ouwehand about her work in Dolphin Energy Healing on his podcast: Shizuko Ouwehand lives in Okinawa and she will be hosting the Live H2O event on Summer Solstice, 2009 on the Island of Kudaka, Okinawa, Japan. Shizuko is also the subject of a book in Japan, called "Taiji to no Taiwa" (A Conversation with a Fetus), a book about an "Indigo Child" who communicated with her from it's mother's womb.

Timothy new podcast is now launched - December 20, 2008

Timothy's Essay "A Buddhist Dialogue With Science" get's republished at - June 4, 2008

A Buddhist Dialogue With Science, newly updated with hyperlinks at

Author John Maberry of "Waiting for Westmoreland" reviews Timothy's novel, Myth Shattering - May 31, 2008

"Under 30 or maybe 35? This may be a book for you on the coming of age progression of self-awareness into Buddhism. Why the age qualification? It's not that anyone older can't understand it, but it will resonate more with you if you can readily identify with the experiences of someone now in their 20s. Why Buddhism? Because it is a means to the development of the true self and an understanding of one's place in the universe. This is a good book for those in search of an entertaining look at becoming a buddhist with a Tobias Wolff, 'This Boy's Life' feel." -John Maberry, Author of "Waiting for Westmoreland."

Timothy Just Released His 3rd Volume of His Collected Writing From Soka University of America! - March 27, 2008

From the author of the Buddhist discovery novel, Myth Shattering, we now present Timothy Harada’s third volume of his Collected Writings From Soka University of America, “Questioning Orthodoxy.” This third volume is perhaps a mix of the first two volumes in that it questions both the political and philosophical views that are the anchors of Western “civilization.” As George Orwell wrote over a half century ago, “Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness (1984).” Today thanks to our collective thoughtlessness, we all live in that world Orwell predicted in his novel, 1984, where “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.” The tragedy we all face today is perhaps even worse than Orwell could have predicted and it will only get worse if we don’t learn how to think for ourselves. The only hope that we are going to change the death strewn path we are all on is if we learn to rethink what we have been forced to think by our corporate media, our unelected officials and their many paid-for “think-tanks.” Though Timothy doesn’t claim to have any special ability to think outside the boob tube, he does offer us some hope that we all can think differently, even as painful as it may be to question our own conditioning.

Timothy will be in the hospital until Feb 14th - January 31, 2008

Timothy is going into the hospital on February 1st until about February 14th to do surgery to remove many polyps from his nasal cavity. Hopefully, his singing voice will be much more open after that.

Timothy is Now a Weekly commentator to the Sendai Voice, an Online Magazine for the Sendai JET Community - September 20, 2007

Timothy will be adding a monthly blog about life in Japan and other wild things, please check back frequently for updates on Timothy's wild adventure and even wilder ideas.

See and click on Timothy's picture at the bottom left.

New Recording "Knowing We Are One" - August 15, 2007

Check out Timothy and Richie's newest recording of Timothy's original, "Knowing We Are One" by clicking on the Music tab and opening the first song.


A new recording of "Dragon Girl" - May 9, 2007

Timothy and Richie just finished recording a new version of Timothy's original song "Dragon Girl." Listen to it under the music tab.

Timothy's Novel, Myth Shattering is now out on paper back! - March 4, 2007

Timothy took off the month of February and March from performing to get his novel published. Now it is out at
Join the discussion on the novel and read a full description at

Timothy's New CD now half off for christmas! - December 10, 2006

Purchase Timothy's newest 18 song collection CD for only $7.50, which includes all of Timothy's new Lovest "The Only Proven Way to Fight Terrorism" CD and many other songs from his Live at Soka University of America CD and his previous home studio demos.

Go to CD Baby while supplies last:

Monkey House Music on Date FM played Timothy's Come Alive - November 16, 2006

Tonight at 21:23 on the Monkey House Music Show on Date FM, the singer of Monkey Majik, Maynard played Timothy's live recording from Soka University of Timothy's original song "Come Alive"
Please support the show by listening every Thursday night from 9PM to 9:30 on Date FM, Sendai 71.1

Tokita Yasushi Join's Southern California Sunshine - October 3, 2006

Today, Southern California Sunshine will go into the studio with Tokita Yasushi, their new lead guitar player for the first rehearsal on their newest songs.

Stay tuned for their first concert together.

Timothy's song will be on NHK FM tonight. - September 29, 2006

ティモシーのオリジナル曲「Will you be my wife?」が9月29日(金)午後11時から午前0時10分までの間にNHK―FM 82.5 にて、NHK仙台放送局「伊達者音楽闘技場」の特別番組の中で紹介されます。

FAX 022-211-1580

今週末のライヴ、29日(金)green shamrock, 30 日(土)LLL詳しくはHPをご覧下さい。

今週末に行われる定禅寺通りジャズフェスティバルに2バンドで出演! - September 5, 2006

「daDoodz」(ダ・デューズ)は、ティモシーとニュージーランド人のリッチー、2人のバンドで主に洋楽のカバー曲を演奏している。9月9日(土) 12:30~13:10 エクセル東急ホテル前にて。

「Southern California Sunshine」(サトゥン カリフォルニア サンシャイン)はティモシーと2人の日本人、ビルとミイの3人のバンド。ティモシーの作詞・作曲をバンドでアレンジし、定禅寺ジャズフェスで初めて披露する。 9月9日(日)13:20~14:00 エクセル東急ホテル前にて。

A new recording of "Will You Be My Wife" - August 9, 2006

Timothy just got out of the studio with a recording of "Will You Be My Wife", which features Richie Gill from New Zealand on guitar and backing vocals, Mi Sato on percussion, and Timothy Harada on piano and lead vocals.

This is the song they will submit to this years Miyagi NHK song competition.

For a short while this song will be available to hear in it's entirety on the Music section of this website.

We hope you enjoy this new recording.

Timothy Just released a new compilation CD - July 4, 2006

These 18 tracks were voted by listeners as the best tracks on hir 3 previous CDs. It includes songs from his Love CD, his Live at Soka University of America CD and his previous, Songs from the Archive CD.

For a limited time this CD will be availible at all his shows for a discounted price of 1,200 yen, more than 30% off the online price.

The 2007 Timothy Harada Japan Living Room Tour - June 20, 2006

Announcing Timothy Harada's 2007 Japan Living Room Tour!

Tired of having to go to a smoky and noisy bar to see Timothy Harada perform.
Well, Starting July of 2007, Timothy Harada and fellow musicians will be kicking off his Japan Living Room Tour, playing small semi-unplugged concerts in the comfort and intimate setting of people's houses or in local community centers.


Tour Dates Tour Places
July 15th -31th Sendai and surrounding areas
August 1st-7th Yamagata Prefecture
August 8th -14th Fukushima Prefecture
August 15th - 21st Niigata City and surrounding areas
August 22nd - 28th Nagaoka and surrounding areas
August 29th – Sept 5th Tochigi and Saitama areas
Sept. 6th - 12th Chiba and surrounding areas
Sept. 13th – 19th Tokyo and surrounding areas
Sept. 20th - 26th Kanagawa and surrounding areas
Sept. 22nd – Oct. 2nd Izu, Fuji and Shizuoka areas
Oct. 3rd - 9th Nagoya, Gifu and surrounding areas
Oct. 10th - 16th Nara, Kyoto, Osaka and surrounding areas
Oct. 17th - 23rd Hyogo and Kobe Areas
Oct. 24th - 30th Okayama and surrounding areas
Oct. 31st – Nov. 6th Hiroshima and surrounding areas
Nov. 7th - 13th Yamaguchi and surrounding areas
Nov. 14th – Nov. 20th Fukuoka and Saga ans surrounding areas.
Nov. 21st – Nov 27th Nagasaki and surrounding areas
November 28th – Dec. 15th Okinawa

To sign up to have Timothy Harada play in your home or in your neighborhood, just fill out your name, address and phone number on the email sign up list at and write “Living Room Tour” in the notes section, or email
One of the Japanese or English speaking representatives at the
Timothy Harada fan club will contact you soon.

最新のCDを製作中 - June 10, 2006


Timothy is Back at LLL - May 30, 2006

By Popular Demand Timothy will be back at LLL in Kokubuncho for the month of June. He'll appear Solo every thursday night for the first two stages: 7:30PM and 9:10 PM. Then the last stage at 10:40 he will be joined by Richie Gill for duet jam of Classic Rock favorites and Timothy's Original Songs.

Timothy Debuts on Date FM, Sendai, Japan - February 10, 2006

The second song "With You; With Me" from Timothy's new CD, "Love: The Only Proven Way to Fight Terrorism" was played on Honma and Chicka Chan's Friday Air Jams Show.
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