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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Photos写真

Timothy performing with his dad at SUA
Timothy Jams with Alec Marken, Singer Song Writer from Orange County California

Jozenji Jazz Fest Sendai, Japan

Jozenji Jazz Fest 2007 Timothy Harada on Sax, Richie Gill on Guitar
The Band Timothy Will Perform With This Year at the Jozenji Jazz Fest (minus the alto sax and bass trombone): Soka Orchestra Miyagi
Get the percussionist! Soka Orchestra Miyagi
Rockin the 18th Jozenji Fest: Soka Orchestra Miyagi
Jozenji 2007 Sax and Guitar
Jozenji 2007 Sax and Piano
Jozenji 2007 Sax and Guitar
Jozenji 2007 Sax and Guitar
Timothy Harada and Richie Gill at the 17th annual Jozenji Music Festival, Sendai, Japan.
Southern California Sunshine's Debut at Jozenji Fest 2
Timothy on Sax at Jozenji Jazz Fest 2006
Timothy on Sax, shaker and vocals, Richie on Guitar and Vocals at Jozenji Fest 2006
daDoodz at Jozenji Street Jazz Fest 9/9/2006
Timothy and Take at Jozenji Jazz fest

Listen Love Laugh, the club in Sendai where Timothy performed at weekly in 2006 and 2007

Jammin on Guitars at LLL
Timothy on Tenor Sax Richie on Guitar LLL
Rocking on two Guitars LLL
Rockin at LLL on guitars
Timothy on Sax Richie on Piano LLL
Timothy on Shaker and Richie on Guitar at LLL
Timothy on Sax and Richie on Piano at LLL

Drive-thru Exciting, the newest and hottest band in Sendai, Japan

Drive thru fricken exciting.

Timothy's Fellow Musicians

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