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Tim Janakos (ティム・ジャナコス): Books/CD購入

The Beginning Is Here, by Tim Janakos - 10-plus song CD

The Beginning Is Here
All songs written and sung by Tim Janakos
except track 2 (written by Tim Janakos and Keisuke Abe
and sung by Tim Janakos and Keisuke Abe)
and track 6 and HT (written by Tim Janakos and Richie Gill)


Remi Desroques – Sound controls, mixing, editing and mastering on all tracks, except HT. All background instruments, strings, keys, drums, beats, etc. on all tracks, except HT. Backing Vocals – track 2. Keyboard Solos, tracks 1 and 8
Tim Janakos – Lead Vocals all tracks, except track 2. Duet Vocals on track 2, Backing Vocals all tracks except track 4. Tenor and Alto Saxophones, track 2 and 5, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, tracks 4 and 9. Piano – track 6.
Yuji Kasai – Rhythm Guitars all tracks, except tracks, 4, 6 and HT. Lead Guitar all tracks, except Tracks 6 and HT. Bass Guitar all tracks except tracks 1, 8 and HT.
Richie Gill – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Scat Vocals, Recording and Mixing on HT.
Keisuke Abe – Piano, Duet Vocals and Backing Vocals track 2.
Gabor Lesko – All Rhythm Guitars and Lead Guitars track 6. (Recorded at Gabor Lesko Studios in Italy).
Argie Muraki – Backing Vocals track 3.

All Songs Produced at Wave Reader Productions, Japan, by Remi Desroques
(except HT produced at DaDoodz Studio, Japan)

2012 © Tim Janakos
Tim Janakos's new CD "The Beginning is Here!" released Dec. 21, 2012
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Collected Writings From Soka University of America - Paper Back Book

Previously released in 3 books as the Selected Writings From Soka University, now all combined, along with a yet unpunished senior thesis. What was originally 1,000 pages, packed into this under 400 page book.
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Tim Janakos's novel, Myth Shattering now out on paperback - Book

Tim Janakos's long awaited release of his semi-autobiographical/cultural criticism/political protest novel, of a punk rock kids's journey to Buddhism, Myth Shattering is now here:
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Acts of Sedition: Classified CIA Files - CD

A Collection of 18 of the most requested songs from Timothy's 3 previous cds.
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Love: The Only Proven Way to Fight Terrorism - Listen or Buy

Timothy's Newest CD is a collection of love songs written for his new wife, Junko.
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