Running a Summer Special: 3 sessions for the price of 2 or 5 sessions for the price of 3! 

Tim Janakos's regular rate for Energy Healing (With Body Code, Emotion Code, 3 Dimentional Therapy, Access Consciouness, Quantum Touch 2.0 and/or Lloyd Mear's Energy Frequencies, all added in for one price, depending on what your body recommends) via phone or skype is just $99.00 US for 30 minutes (which is $138.00 less for similar services at However, Tim offers an even lower rate for proxy sessions!! For just $59.00 US you can get a 20-minute proxy session,…

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Tim launches his Call-In Live Healing Radio Show. 

If you have never tried Energy Healing, you owe it to yourself to call-in and let Tim Janakos release some trapped emotions or other energies that are holding you back from being the enlightened being you truly be. Tim also combines many other healing modalities along with the Body Code and the Emotion Code, and he often has guests healers come on the show periodically who also do live healings on the people who call in. To Donate to the Show click here.

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I'm now a certified Emotion Code practitioner. And you owe it to yourself to try this out. 

Hello my friends around the world I AM FINALLY A CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER OF THE EMOTION CODE HEALING PROGRAM designed/discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson After the last 7 months of working on my wife, myself, on friends, family members and many of their pets, I finally finished my certification with many great results of healings on many people and animals. And now my certification materials have all been approved and I am now certified. I really want to thank all the people around the world,…

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Free Energetic Emotion Healing Sessions. 

Hello my friends around the world I'm so Fricken EXCITED Not because the freezing cold winter is almost over, not because I'm on song 8 of my new CD, and I hope to finally be finished with it by my 3rd annual, summer, all-japan music tour this summer, not because I'm going to be a dad on about July 13th (my mother's birthday) and not because spring will finally be coming to freezing cold Niigata, Japan (though I am exited about all those things too)! No; I'm exicited because after having a bad back…

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Tim Janakos Goes Reggea for the anniversary of 9/11 

Tim Janakos goes reggae for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. WARNING: disturbing pictures on this video! The contents of this video may disturb some sleep walkers. THIS VIDEO IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF ANY OF THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES RELATED TO 9/11, NOT EVEN THE OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY THEORY OFFERED BY THE 9/11 COMMISSION, CLAIMING AL QAEDA WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSPIRACY. So it's been 10 years of endless wars and million of dead victims all around the world. Many of the family members of 9/11 victims…Read more

TJ's 英語音楽 House 

☆幼児から大人の方までの音楽教室☆ TJ's English Music House ではギター、ピアノ、サックス、ヴォーカルのレッスンを行っております。 楽譜が読めなくても大丈夫!楽器を触ったことのない方、音楽が大好きな方、英語で音楽を学んでみたい方、大歓迎! カリフォルニア出身、ティム・ジャナコスが明るく、楽しく、一人一人の音楽スタイルに合わせて丁寧に指導いたします。 HP内のお問い合わせフォームでお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。 TJ's English Music House は小針駅、徒歩3分♪小針小学校となり(新潟市小針2丁目30-14) 個人レッスン 30分 4,000円 60分 6,000円 1ヶ月(4回×60分)20,000円

TJ's English Music House is now here. 

After many years of teaching music and studying music in California, Timothy Janakos is now opening "TJ's English House of Music" to teach piano, guitar, saxophone and vocal lessons entirely in English. If you want to learn how to sing in English or learn how to play guitar, piano or sax, while also practicing your English with long time English teacher and Music teaching, Timothy Janakos (aka TJ Sensei), TJ's English Music House is here for you in Kobari, Niigata, Japan, next door to Kobari Elementary…

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