From the recording I'd Like to Know the Real You

Tim Janakos wrote this song about a friend who was addicted to drugs.


I’d Like to Know the Real You
By Tim Janakos © 1999-2008

I’d like to know the real you
Behind your blazing eyes
To peal away your hardened shell
And see what’s left inside


I see so much beauty there.
Behind your drugged façade
Do you see yourself my dear?
Has your heart become too hard?

Sleeping alone with Mary Jane?
Or have you gone astray
Soon you’ll light her up again
To chase the pain away.

Repeat Pre-Chorus


Do you go home?
Have you ever looked inside?
How does it feel to feel your heart
Or live inside you mind?

My little plastered pigtail friend
What are you living for?
It’s easy to pretend again
You’ve seen it all before.

Repeat Pre-Chorus
Repeat Chorus