From the recording It's All Up to You

It’s all up to you

Written November 2005, By Tim Janakos

(Amin) Every single (F) Time that you (G) run away you’ll (E) realize.
(Amin) That you’ve ran (F) to the same (G) place you thought you (E) left behind.
(Amin) Where’re you running (F) now my (G) friend don’t you (E) realize.
(Stay on E longer)
(Amin) Though you’ve run a(F)way you haven’t (G) changed a single (E) thing inside.

(F) It’s all (G) up to (Amin) you
Every (F) thing you (G) think and (Amin) do
You con(F)trol your (G) desti(Amin)ny
You (F) don’t even (G) need (E)

Me (Amin) (F) (G) (E) repeat

(Am) All the things you (F) think will add (G) up to who you (E) are inside.
A (Am) little conscious (F) change will send out (G) ripples changing (E) space and time.
(Am) Don’t you see (f) now my (G) friend no need to (E) run and hide.
(Stay on E longer)
(Am) You control the (F) world that re(G)volves around you (F) all the time.

It’s (F) all in(G)side of (Am) you
The (F) strength to (G) pull you (Am) through
The (F) darkest (G) winter (Am) nights
Un (F) til you (G) see (E)

The (Am) light


Repeat Verse One and Chorus One.


This song is about not running away from your karma. Tim wrote it for a friend, who kept breaking up with girls.

Tim took the song to Remi Desroques

Wave Reader Productions
Nagaoka, Niigata Japan
Phone: +81 90 9425 7662

Remi played the keyboards and bass and had Yuri Kasai play the guitars. Remi programed everything else. Looks like Tim found the right new producer to do his next CD.